Where Have I Gone Wrong? (A.K.A. an Ammendment and Apology)

I had a sudden rush of insight as I drove to class after posting Where Have We Gone Wrong? and that was the realization that I had done-in post-the very thing of which I had written the post to call out: I abused.  It was not spiritual per-se, although it could certainly be construed as such, but in my attempt to illicit what I felt at the time was the correct feeling about my childhood church I used the phrase “our geriatric church”.  If viewed in such a light, this phrase completely nullifies everything I said prior to and after, and, what’s more, could cause some to write me off as a hypocrite who knows nothing of which she speaks.

Apropos of everything, however, the only class I have on Monday is Buisness for Massage Therapy, affectionately known as Ethics (with the capital “E”) since the class title is misleading and has more to do with interpersonal ethics in the business of massage therapy rather than the mechanics of owning and running a business (that will be in our Fall semester.)  Last week we were asked by my teacher to journal for a day about our communication, or lack thereof, with people, how we perceived ourselves and how they perceived us and we were to discuss it in class today.  I had already done the assignment but in light of my “AHA!” moment on my drive to class I scrapped what I had written and talked about my little/huge gaffe in my morning blog post.  It was determined by my teacher and the class that such prejudices are so firmly built into our society at large that it is immensely difficult to speak on anything without making some sort of judgement that sounds hypocritical of the person speaking.  This is nothing new, of course, and I did touch on that in this morning’s post, and Sarah at Sarah Over the Moon (who’s post inspired mine) points it out quite plainly in her post about how Violences are Connected.  But it bears pointing to again and again, because this is the root of how all abuse is continuing to manifest itself-we, as a society, deem it okay for some people to receive violence in any form; and, truly, this is NOT okay.

Most of the time apologies should not be ruined by explanations, but I felt it needed a bit of expounding upon in order to have some sort of relevance.  I am not just blogging about these things to be “cool” amongst the blogosphere…these are matters that are close to my heart, and I firmly believe that if we do not continue to speak about them and act for the good out of our conversations we will not have lived nearly to our full potential.

Yours truly,

D.S. Knight

Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona

Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona (Photo credit: chrisjfry)

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